Air Sampling Systems

Advanced Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

Aspirating Smoke Detection, also referred to as Air Sampling Detection or ASD systems, excel in early fire detection. They can identify fires at their inception, often before visible smoldering, open flames, or dense smoke develop. This cutting-edge technology operates by drawing air through a network of pipes. These pipes feature strategically placed perforations, allowing the system to intake air. All pipes connect to an aspirating device, which analyses the air quality and triggers an alert if smoke particles are detected.

The swiftness of this early Detection is paramount

It offers significant time advantages, enabling a rapid response at the first hint of smoke. ASD systems can detect fires considerably faster than conventional point or beam smoke detectors. They find their niche in specific environments where traditional fire alarm systems may be unsuitable. These include data and communications rooms, where early warnings can prevent substantial damage, areas prone to dust or dirt contamination, or high-ceilinged warehouses and similar spaces where regular smoke detectors might struggle to operate effectively.

When considering the installation of an ASD system, it’s crucial to select the appropriate type to suit your specific needs. Unique Fire UK boasts experienced staff capable of designing and installing both small and intricate ASD systems.

Critical Maintenance
For Asd Systems

Once the system is installed, or if you already have an ASD system at your property, it is important to ensure this is regularly maintained throughout the year. Testing the ASD system includes testing the smoke transit time to ensure the system is continuing to activate within the time-frame specified during it’s design. Our engineers are trained to complete the required maintenance on Aspiration systems which includes replacing the filters in the main panel to ensure the system can continue to work as designed.

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